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"Many have dreamed of such a place: to breathe new life into a wonderful, old house in the foothills of the Alps with a great atmosphere. While many only dream, Anja and André have done just that and renovated the property from 1650 with great attention to detail. The result is an incredibly cozy house in which every room is a favorite. And the great thing about it: you can rent it! I used the house professionally for a three-day planning workshop, as the converted barn (Salettl) in the garden is the perfect space to work creatively and secluded with several people. In addition to an extreme amount of architectural charm, there is a hyper-fast internet connection, so that despite all the coziness and tranquility, you are perfectly connected to the world at all times. I'll definitely be spending time here a lot more, both professionally and personally!"absolute

"Our first thought as we entered the doorway WOW! We came here from Berlin for a week to write a book, be creative, enjoy nature and relax. From the very first second we knew that this was the perfect place for it. Everything we wanted for an ideal get-away is right here: the perfect mix of high-quality design and tradition provide an absolute feel-good atmosphere. The chalet is in the middle of nature and at the same time has excellent connections to Munich. It is quiet, the beds are comfortable, the details are just right. It is clear that all this does not happen by chance: behind this unique piece are Anja & André, two incredibly great people who have put so much heart and soul into the property. The only challenge: to leave at the end - that's hard. 5 stars plus!

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