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"Sleep where the stars used to shine"

The Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote this sentence in the summer of 2019 about the Bauernchalet | elbacher gütel, publicizing its major and exciting transformation from a former farmhouse to a listed vacation home on Lake Starnberg. It was described as an "outstanding example of successful building" with a sustainable concept (original article). But first, let's take it one step at a time. We always say that the Bauernchalet | elbacher gütel found us. By chance we saw the ad for sale and just thought "Wow". We were not looking for such an object and never thought about owning something like this. However, we could not get the chalet out of our minds and we gave free rein to our creativity and made plans what we would create out of the former farmhouse and star restaurant. These plans then led us to an application.


To breathe new life into the Bauernchalet | elbacher gütel and create a vacation home that combines travel, design, minimalism, sustainability and arrival. This dream object shall become a place to dream for families, friends, nature, sports, design and travel lovers from all over the world. Embedded in nature with a variety of recreational opportunities in the mountains or on the lakes but still the proximity to the metropolis of Munich, make this spot something very special. 

tradition meets modernity

The first available records, date the laying of the foundation stone around 1650. The entire Bauernhalet is a protected monument. The former small farmhouse consisted of a dwelling house, stable and hayloft. In 2007, it was converted into a restaurant by the former owner. Since 2009, it was virtually empty. When we started the conversion, it was important to us to give the centuries of history and architecture of the house a place in the new. The milk can window, the self-woven linen curtains, the original wine cellar and the carved stone walls still remind of another time and were combined with new and modern elements.


Less is more - and quite consciously, has almost always been our credo. We are minimalists through and through. Be it in interior design, in the closet or in architecture. We devote our focus to a few things that are valuable to us, leaving room for freedom, flexibility, creativity and ultimately for ourselves. We would like to pass this on to our guests as well and create a place for them where they are the center of attention and can fully concentrate on themselves and their loved ones. 

travel sustainably

Sustainability is very close to our hearts. Sustainability starts in the Bauernchalet already with the fact that it is a listed house from 1650. The focus is on sustainable construction, the use of regional products, the avoidance of waste, the responsible use of resources, the saving of energy, the deceleration through the minimalist style and the awareness of being a part of this wonderful world and to bear responsibility.


If you like architecture, want to be in the middle of nature and still have the city within reach, find a unique combination of minimalist style and the feel-good character of a listed Bauernchalet exciting, finally want to take time for yourself without having to think much, miss the mountain air, love the water and the lakes, want to exercise, spend time with your loved ones or want to travel sustainably, then you've come to the right place!

Anja & Andre

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